Sabha of Spiritual Upliftment : Friday

                  The greatest classical instrumentalists like _Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Pandit Jashraj or Pandit Ravishanker have touched at the pinnacles in their respective skill in musical instrument. Even though at the age on seventy, they get up early in the morning and practice their respective musical proficiency. If they don’t practise, the breach between their exceptional skills and music will be widened. Due to this, one day they might lose the acquired skill of music. It’s true with ‘satsang’ too. If you aren’t regular in ‘satsang’, you will be addicted to the very evils of the society unnoticinlgly. Constance in touch (kinship) with Saints and in the ambience of Sages would unquestionably keep you away from the vicious trap of vices of the world. With this intention, Pujya Shri Nilkanthcharan Dasji Swami has organized a special ‘Satsang Sabha’ from 9:00 pm to 11:00 on every Friday. Everyone children, youth, elders, sisters, mothers can attend the ‘Satsang Sabha’. It commences with chanting of mantras (Dhoon), and musical hymns on the praise of Lord(Kirtan) . Above all, in the congregation the holy Saints preach on perplexities of Vedas in a very simple way, how to face the life’s ordeal resolutely, glimpse of spiritual enlightenment, how one can attain salvation.