Gunatit Bal Sabha : Foundation of Character

                  Childhood is the blossom of life. It is the innocence and inceptive period of life. The mind of a child is a blank paper. An innocent child is like a tender sibling. Both of them can be nurtured whichever way you wish. Inspired by Pujya Shri Nilkanthcharan Dasji Swami, Gunatit Bal Sabha has been instilling ethical values to build a strong character(Sanskar) for last sixteen years. The little mind becomes strong enough not to penetrate the worldly impurities. This happens because of the kinship of the Saints at the tender age. They can lead a simple and sacred life in ritzy-glitzy of the world. It builds an honest and humanitarian citizen for the foundation of a powerful nation.

Moreover, as a child attends the Bal Sabha regularly, it naturally nurtures the habits of discipline and punctuality. While chanting of mantra(Dhun) increases concentration power. All these metamorphoses a child into a complete blossomed child. Bal Sabha is organized on every Sunday from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.