For all Round Development of Youth

Gunatit Yuva Sabha : Wednesday

                 The ship of Young Generation is sailing in the sea without any direction, rudder or captain. Their precious potential becomes futile. Pujya Shri Nilkanthcharan Dasji Swami is well aware about the present scenario. Hence, he introduced ‘Yuva Sabha’ before fifteen years in Kalakunj temple. The Gunatit Yuva Sabha is regularly held from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm on every Wednesday.

No doubt, the Gunatit Yuva Sabh works as a torch bearer for the young generation to re juvenate and redirect the road of Youth and to be abstain from the tempting luxurious life style. How can one be abstain from today’s malice and wickedness of society that is overflowing with all kinds of treacherous obsession ? How can one keep equilibrium between the progressive materialist world and spiritual ascent? How can one be an honest, dedicated and devoted?

It is no denying fact that such physically, mentally and economically fit Youth would be an asset for a developing country. Such is a far-sighted vision of our beloved Guruji to conduct Gunatit Yuva Sabha.

How fortunate the Youth who got such a compassionate Guru!