Tree Plantation Campaign

                  It has been rightly told in one of the proverbs of Gujarati that Lake, Tree, Sage and Rain have existed on this earth only for the selfless service and betterment of the society. Today in the era of advance technology, industrialization and urbanization each and every citizen of the world has become conscious about the significance of the TREES. To control ever-increasing pollution, and more to sustain the very existence of human race, ‘trees’ have vital value. Simultaneously, trees are living soul, God resides in it. Someone has rightly told, “Chhod Me Ranchhod”.

That’s why with the inspiration and motivation of Pujya Shri Nilkanthcharan Dasji Swami, “Su-Sanskar Deep Yuva Mandal” was inaugurated on June 2001, only for the sole purpose to plant more trees in and out skirts of the city. Ever since, more than sixty societies and outskirts of Surat, have been benefited in the Tree Plantation Drive. Interestingly, the Saints regularly arrange special meetings to encourage and inculcate the habits of tree plantation.

Drive against Addiction

                  Young generation of the present era has been facing the grave problem of ‘Addiction’. Not a single house is untouched that not trapped in the web of the addictions like tea, tobacco, bidi, cigarette, sniffing, etc. In addition to that, the young generation unnoticingly leads on the path of dangerous intoxications like liquor, heroin, opium, drugs that completely ruin the robust society.   They have been totally devastated physically, mentally, economically and socially.

To get rid of these addictions, the Saints have been waging a war against this stigma of the society in form of ‘Campaign Against Addiction’ They often highlight the ill effects of addiction in their religious discourse. Moreover, they make the youth to take an oath either in any of the religious congregation or at social functions. In special cases, they themselves reach at their houses and make them addiction free. In most of the cases, the young becomes addiction free because of the divine blessing of the Saints. Being away from addiction, they enjoy a new joyful life. Their very heart throbs for the feelings of thankfulness to Almighty and the Saints. Like this way, the Saints have been generating a healthy society with a high character. We cannot forget the selfless support of the devotees and volunteers in this noble cause. Interested parents who desired their off springs to be away from addiction can contact to the Saints.

Celebration of Religious and National Festivals

                  The Swaminarayan Kalakunj Temple believes in religious tolerance and pays due respect to all religious scriptures. Moreover, it inculcates the values of universal brotherhood amongst the society.

The Hindu festivals like Diwali, Annkut,Holi, Janmashthami, Ramnavmi, Shri Hari Jayanati, Shardotsav, Ganpati Puja, Hanuman Jayanti, etc. are celebrated with full zeal and zest. In these festivals, respective Gods are worshipped with the ancient hymns and rites accordingly to the Vedic scriptures. On these days, various kinds of enchanting and captivating cultural and moral programmes are organized. People enthusiastically take part in these festivals.

How can we forget National festivals along with the religious festivals? That’s why Swaminarayan Kalakunj Temple celebrates 15th August_ Independence Day and 26th January_ Republic Day with full patriotic fervor. Large number of devotees and youth participate in these festivals. National Flag is hoisted and saluted, National anthem is sung with due respect followed by the inspirational speeches of our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the motherland.