Shri Harijivan Sant Ashram (Dwelling place for Saints)

Sant Bhuvan was constructed just behind the temple. It has been constructed separately as the Saints can completely devote their time in chanting of Lords name and other devotional activities detaching themselves from the mundane materialistic world. The Saints can easily concentrate in the study of Sanskrit grammar, Vedas, Puranas and other ancient religious scriptures. So, Sant Bhuvan creates a unique, spiritual and saintly ambience. There is a big hall in the Sant Nivas where the Saints can perform their personal Pooja and perform meditation with utmost serenity and tranquillity. Moreover, Sant Bhuvan consists of a separate kitchen for Saints.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall is situated behind the temple and adjacent to the main office. The Dining Hall is used for the preparation of ‘Prasad’ on the religious congregation and even for the devotees stays in the temple.

Shreeji Darshan Poly Clinic

Pujya Shri Nilkanthcharan Dasji Swami gives importance to serve human being as much as devotion to God. He firmly follows the adage, “Service to Human being is Service to God.

Keeping in mind such a noble cause, a Poly clinic was inaugurated on 21st Jan. 2001 by Pujya Shri Nilkanthcharan Dasji Swami, Shri Govindbhai Dholakiya and Manojbhai Dholakiya.

Poly clinic is situated at the left hand side of the main entrance gate. Here, even the poorest can easily avail the benefit of specialist doctors at a nominal charge. In addition to this, people are persuaded to take preventive measures for the deadly(fatal) diseases. Occasionally, free-camps are also held for some diseases.