Shri Harijivandasji Swami

       Pujya   Harijivan Swami was born on Vikram Samvat 1972 at Rajsamadhiyala a village of Saurasthra in Rajkot district. His father’s name was Arjanbhai and mother’s name was Kankuben. He had keen friendship with God since his childhood. Going to temple for Darshan, reciting the prayer and religious rhymes at school and meditating in his free time when others his peers were busy in sports and games were some of the god blessed spiritual traits could easily be enticed in him. With God’s wish, his father died in his childhood and he and his mother settled at his maternal uncle’s home. His maternal uncle’s name was Manjibhai who is the follower of Lord Swaminarayan. Being a true disciple of Swaminarayan, the Saints had occasionally visited his home. Naturally, Devji’s very devotional soul awaked in the spiritual and holy ambience of his maternal uncle. Meanwhile he met to Pujya Shri Hariswarup Dasji Swami and engaged in his service. After wards, he decided to become a Saint. Though he was only son of his widow mother, Kankubhia gave permission to become a Saint. But son of maternal uncle_ Narshibhai was against Devjibhai’s will. Three times he took Devji at home back. At the end, non-attachment Vairagaya became victorious.