Shri Nilkanthcharandasji Swami

Shri Bhagwanji, after renouncing his home, stayed for a month at Jetpur Temple. On the auspicious morning of Vikram Samvat(2035),Kartik Month as per the Hindu Calender 31/10/1979, under the blessed  shadow of His Holiness, Acharya Shri Narendra prasad Maharaj and Sadguru Shri Kothari Harijivandasji Swami was conserted and from that day onwards known as “Nilkanthcharandasji Swami”.

His childhood name was ‘Bhagwandasji’, and the name only it was indicated (a person having immense love and dedication towards God). Day and Night he remained in the presence of God, his love was with only God, and during his child hood days he felt supreme happiness in singing Bhajans, chanting the name of God, other devotional songs. His deep love was immensible and was reflected through his music,songs, and Artis. He sang with great devotion and love. Even at the school the teachers always asked Bhagavanji to recite Dhoon and Kirtans.

As a student, he had a deep interest in science and related science subjects. Especially for geography, solarsy stem, milkyway, stars, planets and universe.

He was always eager to explore new dimensions of life.

He often visited Mahadev Temple, situated at Zadeshwar, rather he was a regular visitor to temple, irrespective of any weather_ it’s raining or chill winters. He never skipped any his visits for divine Darshan of God. Even on the way to temple, he continuously pondered over Lord Shiva and chanted devotionals hymns. Hour and hours he pondered over Lord Shiva, offered the holy pink flowers of Karen and Bilipatra, performed Abhishekh with sacred water upon the Shivlinga. Such a way, unnoticed, Jiv(soul) is immersed in Shiva.

Moreover, he was a regular visitor to Swaminarayan Temple of the village, where he used to listen hymns and sermons preached by the holy Saints, last to depart from the temple after finishing customary service of the temple.

As astudent he once tried to appear in S.S.C Examination, he filled the board form, but unfortunately failed to appear in exam. After this, for few months he also tried to work at furniture workshop at Jamnagar, but again he couldn’t attach himself to any business; he also tried his luck at diamond polishing work in Surat, but this time also he was not able to pursue this as a carrier and soon returned to Shethawadala.

After his comeback for many days he remained in isolation and aloof, but one day he declared to his family members that he wanted to be a saint. At this juncture, his father, uncle and other elder members of the family pursuaded to stay home and tempted all the facility for Bhajan and Kirtan at home and at the farm. Even he was offered 25 Vighas of land in the name of Bhagvanji. But it is futile for a soul which is non-attached to the worldly pleasures. He was firm determined to become Saint.

Once there were few members of Saint going to Samana(a nearby village), Bhagwanji knew the departure of Saints. He also joined the Saints and left home for Samana. Elders at home after a long pacification brought him back to home, Bhagwanji now couldn’t refrain his stay away from spiritual life, and thus declared his family members, that now no one can stop him of becoming a saint. Having no choice with the parents and family members finally took a bold decision and accepted his proposal. His father, elder father, uncle and other family members took him to Jetpur and entrusted to Kothari Shri Harijivandasji Swami at Jetpur after joining Shri Harijivandasji made Bhagwandasji extremely happy and finally he got peace.

On the auspicious day of Vikram Samvat(2036), Kartik Sud-10 dated 3.10.1979,His Holiness Acharya Shri Narendraprasad Maharaj initiated him and named “Nilkanth charandasji Swami”.

This was a turning point in his life, a life blossomed with new vision. He got constructed Lord Swminarayan Temple at Kalakunj society in Surat, and later opened Swaminarayan Mission School near Laskana in Surat.